Drobo Configuration

Drobo configuration #

  1. Connected Drobo box to switch in office via ethernet and powered on.

  2. Set Drobo to use static IP via Drobo Dashboard for Windows.

    After setting up static IP Drobo box became discoverable in Windows as a local drive called Drobo. My Windows machine was also plugged into the same switch as the Drobo via Ethernet cable. Windows did not recognize it as a share or something like that, just like you had plugged in a USB. Drobo filesystem was navigable on Windows at this point. Pinging Drobo IP address returned a response.

  3. Attempted to connect to Drobo through Ubuntu while also connected to same switch as Drobo. Pinging Drobo IP failed. Changed network configuration by checking “Use this connection only for resources on this network” under IPV4 settings. Still could not connect to Drobo.

  4. Found this article about using Drobo on Linux.

  5. Installed open-iscsi, attempted to ping Drobo and run sudo iscsiadm --mode discovery --type sendtargets --portal {ip address} but both failed.

  6. Restarted Drobo and my machine.

  7. Re-ran ping and step 5 iscsiadm and got a successful response. Continued on with connection guide from step 4.

  8. Drobo now mounted at /media/ethan/ Drobo

Not sure if following step 4 guide and installing open-iscsi is what allowed me to connect or I just needed a restart after changing network configuration settings.