Thu, Apr 29 21

MIDI Prep #

Pulled bacteria off the shakers around 8:30 am. Started MIDI prep protocol with Rachel around 9. Only the 1000 ml flask had any growth. Not sure what happened with the bacteria in the 2000 ml flask.

Protocol notes #

  • Make sure have all buffers before starting
    • Buffer 1 lasts while as long as don’t add RNaseA
  • Always check to make sure centrifuge caps are on
  • The hex key for the big centrifuge is located on its side. You need to hold down the cover when tightening.

Results #

DNA extraction was successful. Stored in freezer box Ethan nanodrop results below. DNA concentration ~170 ng/ul.

Notes of ratios and interpretation #

From this document

The A260 / A230 is outside of the general range of above 1.8 which indicates that there is contamination by organic compounds which could interfere with downstream protocols.