Tue, Apr 27 21

Starting transformation of French plasmid #

Fred received plasmid pRNHdeltaD145 N and now transforming into E. coli.

General tips #

  • Timing when removing the cells is very important when protocol says incubate for 5 mins on ice it means it.
  • Cells are sensitive to bubbles and temp changes so minimize both to max degree
  • Aim for 10 ng of DNA
  • Cells are stored in second to top drawer of the -80 freezer

Protocol Notes #

E. coli were transformed in two main batches, first one so I could watch Rachel and second one did myself. Normally should do them all at once to avoid leaving the cells on ice for too long.

Note that came with the plasmid.

Plates incubating on bench, moved to 37 C at 2 pm.